The main objective of the proposed solution is to provide the companies/organization a better advertising medium with cost effectiveness.

Idea is to provide the local companies a unique platform from where they can promote their products and services to local market in a more prominent with cost effective way. We will take ads/design ads from different companies and print that ads on stickers and those stickers will be posted on Public transport (Taxis, Coaches, Coasters and Auto Rickshaws etc.) 

We are offering following advertisement technique.


Some Important Stats

  • Auto's ply on an average 10 hrs a day.
  • Auto rickshaw travels at least 100 kms per day.
  • Coaches and Coasters travel intercity 
  • Potential advertising area local city and nearby cities 
  • Better market presences than any other medium
  • Cost per unique impression is less than any other media.
  • Cost will entirely depend upon volume, size of ad, medium of printing whether its normal flex, LED display. But cost can be as less as Rs 1500 /- per Impression