Amplifyd focuses on tech & data-driven match making between Brands & Social Media Influencers. Brands these days suffer from the complexity of finding the most relevant and impactful Influencers for their products' awareness. They go through tedious social media searches or hire agencies to find those "right" influencers but mostly don't get the high results they could possibly achieve. At the same time, Influencers don't usually know which brands are looking for people with an audience like their's.

Amplifyd solves all this chaos through one single epicenter. It lets brands create campaigns; relevant influencers get notified and they apply to get hired. Amplifyd's data-driven approach suggests the most impactful Influencers to brands based on their audience requirements (e.g. gender, age range and location). Not only this, it provides a big proposition to brands, that is, finding multiple influencers for multiple campaigns within their budget.


For Influencers, Amplifyd lets them get discovered by brands that matter to them, ensures timely payments and helps them maintain an automated portfolio, backed by their real social media data.