Blue IoT is an established business almost three years old that has a focus on the support and delivery of Smart Buildings, Cities, Spaces and Facilities of all kinds. 

Blue IoT is at the forefront in the development and delivery of smart cities integration, making substantial reductions in Risk, carbon footprint, energy, maintenance and operational costs while improving safety, cyber security, human comfort and productivity. We have developed and leverage a range of leading edge technologies, platforms, sensors of all descriptions, Virtual Intelligent BMS/BAS (Building Automation Systems), Cyber Security, IoT, Cloud, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Secure and resilient Communications Protocols. The result is: Very smart and intelligent buildings, facilities, hotels, retail, shopping centres, data centres, infrastructure, spaces, cities, manufacturing and agriculture.

Our integration, data interpretation & turnkey solutions, innovation, multi disciplinary engineering team and management are the glue that ensures results are pushing $$$$ to the budget bottom line while reducing carbon and pollution impacts to our environment.

According to Grand View Research, the market size for smart cities by 2025 will be $2.57 Trillion. Apart from traditional building infrastructure data analytics and monitoring services, Blue IoT have developed the worlds first IoT Virtual Intelligent BMS (Building Management System).


Blue IoT were able to develop the world’s first Virtual intelligent BMS (Smart Building System) called ‘Virtual Intelligent Blue’, which sits on the back of Asia Pacific’s first private LoRaWAN Class C (Full Duplex) network also developed by Blue IoT, and all sits on the company’s Tier IV data centre in Melbourne, Australia.


LoRaWAN is on the unpaid Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum at between 915 and 923 MHz in Australia. This is a long range spread spectrum which allows signals to travel from a few hundred meters to 30km. All data is fully encrypted.


“With buildings and facilities getting hacked and corporate networks being attacked through building sensors and BMS systems, our selection of technologies allowed us to greatly minimise the risk of hacks.


“The best part is that it is un-intrusive as there are no more messy cables for sensors and changes are quick and simple, even during live project implementations.”


Blue IoT also took pride in receiving the award of “The best Smart Building Management Company” which was in recognition of ‘Virtual Intelligent Blue’.


The Advantages:-


  • No local BMS system present. 
  • Big savings on cabling and labour costs
  • Big cost reductions for new build or refurbs changes
  • All the control logic in the cloud within our analytics platform
  • Rule/Logic changes are now much more cost effective
  • Fast deployment
  • Optimises in Real Time – saves money
  • Saves more energy than traditional systems
  • Total visibility on more points
  • Cost per point is much more cost effective
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance now available
  • Can control, manage and monitor many more points for less
  • Monitor every aspect of a building, facility, space or city
  • Big safety benefits
  • Reduced risks and lower insurance
  • Ease of change and expansion of the system
  • High level of end to end cyber security with reduced risks of hacks
  • Most sensors have no cables (few will just need power)