CarnaVita is a one-stop corporate wellness solution that delivers fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plans specific to every member’s demographic, body type and fitness level - drastically reducing healthcare costs, claims and absenteeism while increasing productivity and efficiency. 


CarnaVita gives each user access to world-class accredited trainers and nutritionists - experts who motivate and push members to graduate through ever-higher levels to an enhanced state of wellness. 


The aggregate benefit to employers is a vital and efficient population that produces more for less, pared with cumulative savings on insurance and healthcare costs. 


With CarnaVita members achieve a higher state of wellness through good nutrition, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices - EAT.SWEAT.LIVE®. 


CarnaVita delivers all three plans elements directly to members every day through an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile content delivery platform. 


CarnaVita uses data from applicants to identify the experts most well suited to their individual needs. CarnaVita is also a community with social networking functionality giving members the ability to create teams and real-world events. 


In summary we can give all members their own personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach at a tiny fraction of the real-world cost. 


CarnaVita has been proven to reduce absenteeism and sick leave while also reducing retention costs and health care and workers comp claims.