YouTube pay creators based off of how well a video preforms, this means that the creator has to use their own time and money to make a video and then hope it gets enough views to justify the effort. While this is great for low budget content, this makes for a very limited amount of longer and higher quality content.
Our solution
Well we offer something more, our video hosting site lets our creators fund their productions before they upload, simply post a short video to our site
describing what type of video series or film your trying to create, maybe include a rough take of a few scenes or a pilot to give users a better idea of what you imagine it to look like. choose the amount of equity you wish to sell and set it at the price it would cost to make you project.
This is were the users come in; users would then look over your video and see if it's anything worth investing in, if it is then they can purchase equity, funding
your project and granting them a percentage of the ad revenue your project makes once it's uploaded to the site.
Target Market
Market Size & Segments
Our target market is independent creators and everyday digital media consumers, from the advent YouTube watcher to the Tic Tok enthusiast and of course the YouTube fanatic, they'll all see an opportunity and definitely want to try their hand at this.