FASTFOOD is an Online/Offline African food ordering/delivery Platform Based in Lagos. The platform we produced allow users to select from a wide range of local and international cuisines from their favorite Restaurants and Place orders via The Website, Mobile application or through a phone. FASTFOOD is a Place where food lovers and Restaurants/food Vendors meet. The Core feature of our Online web application is to allow users find and locate restaurants around them. This feature also helps them identify which restaurant are available (where and when). The platform also enable features like payment online, Viewing past order and customers savings chart . It is also a Good Model for Restaurant because it brings more Customers to them and increase their orders. Most restaurants can’t create a balance between their customer base and their space. They would rather prefer their food were delivered, but may neither have the platform nor facility for it. And because the Variable cost is Pretty low, Adding incremental Customers is Pretty Lucrative.