Ghauri Builders

X-Chief Project Coordinating Manager / Head Operations / HR & Administration @ Bahria Town, Islamabad Available For!
Design & Architecture | Building & Construction | Maintenance | Renovation & Ancillary | Projects Budgeting | MEP Solutions | Interior | Finishing | Real Estate Supply Chain Logistics & Procurement Consultancy!

Salient Features!
• Estate Planning
• Financial Controlling
• Expert Determination
• Appraisal & Valuations
• Probate Estate Administration
• Seller & Buyer Representation 
• Contract Drafting & Negotiation 
• Land Identification & Acquisition 
• Mergers / Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
• Estate Administration & Deceased Estates
• Infrastructure Strategic Planning & Execution
• Zoning Lease Transfers & Purchase Agreements
• Business & Estate Succession Planning & Inheritance Assets Protection 

Bricks & Blocks!
Manufacturers & Suppliers.
Special Machine / Concrete Blocks / Cement & Sand.

Sustained Civil Service Masons-Plasterers!

Oversee The Construction, Maintenance & Repair Of Brick, Cement, Stone & Plaster For Buildings, Bridges, Roads Or Other Structures.

Ancillary Services!
In Smart Grid Technology, An Ancillary Service Is Anything That Supports The Transmission Of Electricity From Its Generation SITE To The Customer. Services May Include Load Regulation, Spinning Reserve, Non-spinning Reserve, Replacement Reserve & Voltage Support.

Property Renovations & Construction Contractors!
Property Renovations & Construction Has Been Serving Include Commercial & Residential Roofing, Window Installations, Aluminum Framing & Screen Enclosures, But We Have Experience With Many Other General Contract Projects; There’s Very Little We Can’t Do For You! We Even Offer Estimates For Free, No Strings Attached!

Commercial / Residential Building Construction Contractors & Qualified Roofing Professionals!
Offers Expert Workmanship In Residential Re-roofing & Repairs — Proudly Serving On Evaluations, Installations, Maintenance & Warranties On Complete Roofing Solutions.


Building Materials Services!
Inspection | Verification | Testing.

Restoration Project Experts!
Restoring Your Structure To Its Former Glory - Old Buildings Have An Intrinsic Values!

Historical Buildings Are Important. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise. It’s Important To Remember Where We Come From & Preserve The Accomplishments Of The Past. We Consider It Our Responsibility To Preserve, Restore & Maintain These Monumental Structures.

HandyMan Services!
Professional Commercial, Residential & Emergency Services! Ghauri Builders Handyman From Installation & Maintenance To Professional & Insured Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting Services, Repairing & Fixing.


"Tackling Your Problems Head On"Overseas Pakistanis!

We are specialized in letting out your dream Houses to the best available Tenants in Town, like reputed Companies, Consulates, Foreigners to your utmost desire & satisfaction. Besides, we offer our services at reasonable rates for Annual maintenance, Rent Collection & General supervision of Estate!

Our Corporate Areas For Rent / Sale / Purchase & Conveyancing!

Defense Officers Housing Authorities, Army / Airforce / Navy Housing Schemes / Askari Apartments / Cantonments / Bahria Town / CDA Sectors / Capital Territory Private Housing Societies & Schemes / Adjoining Counties / Nearby Regions / Metropolitan Surrounding Areas & Suburbs / Outskirts / Highways Across Throughout The Vicinity Of Twins Rawalpindi-Islamabad North-South Expressways!

Google Verified Registered Corporate Headquarters & State-of-The Structured Real Estate-Client Privileges Consulting Chambers Driving Directions @National Police Foundation, Sector O-9, Islamabad-44000; Pakistan. Mobiles  +9231PROPERTY(77673789)! WhatsApp +923002176393.

“Promoting Equal Housing Opportunity & Excellence in Real Estate".