I am a divorced woman aged 38 with a passion for diversity and women empowerment. With 2 children to protect in a society like ours, I feel I and any other single parent out there have big responsibilities. What I would like to do is contribute to the fight against crimes on women and girls by reviving our heritage. We have become a sick and confused people with no guidelines. A people where bashing a woman or impregnating a child is the new normal as these are no longer frowned at. My children and others now witness abusive acts in their homes because girls and boys shun traditional methods as these are considered old fashioned. When these grow up and settle into marriage, they know absolutely nothing about building a home together. The new normal are the rampant crimes against women and girls leading to the extreme high divorce rates or child pregnancies.

 I have discovered that the reasons we are suffering like this is the result of the loss of our cultural background and lack of heed to our great grandparents's cautions.

Reminding everyone and making them understand their roots and how their ancesters lived will help  with resetting their mindsets.  Traditional innovation methods will bring out income generating activities that will keep everyone from depression which lead to  all sorts of crimes. Ikumwe Annual Cultural Festivals will play a big role in changing how we look at our elders and their methods. It is meant to reshape the current generation's thinking by re-instilling traditional values, methods, food and activities to help fight crimes against women and girls. We believe when people understand their background, their future will be manageable and when focus gets lost somewhere, the only way is to go back to the basics.