After several months of development work, and struggle SANDOIR TECHNOLOGIES, INC. is ready to market two unique electronic devices, both of which use the same technology
. This technology utilizes the solar renewable energy to operate sewing machines In commercial application, this is valuable in driving heavy industrial sewing machines and making the industries able to reduce their manufacturing costs, and to be more productive to provide low price, best quality products to their customers.As a recreational product, using renewable energy,it is highly recommended to all the RMG(ready made garments) industries, and all the individuals who rely on  sewing machines for their basic income. In other words,  This eco-friendly, cost and energy efficient product applications is particularly attractive to the local people.Extensive market research suggests a large market for both the commercial(RMG industries) and the recreational (Kinet-O-Scope) applications of this product. The commercial market already exceeds one million dollars in Pakistan and is sure to grow quickly. Many units are purchased by retailersfor what amounts to instant in-store advertising.