60 Minutes Free Business Clinic

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About this Event

We have many successful cases in helping SMEs. And would like to help you in the same way.


Goal: "within 60 min to diagnose and provide quality advise that would impact your business"


Our diagnose techniques are tested frameworks that are fast, effective and insightful. Usually, we can detect business hidden risks, understand business conditions, and make an unbiased judgment.


Quality advises usually cover the following:

1. Business risks and possible solutions

2. Survival and prioritize works

3. Growth potential and strategies

4. Impact on cash flows and sales

5. Align business goals to corporate's/ boss's intentions


Please take note that:

1. Please be focused on what you want during the session.

2. Book the appointment only if you really need help.

3. Please don't book if you attempted before, give others a chance

4. RSVP to indicate your interest or to WhatsApp (+6587807250) to receive quick confirmation of your 60min timeslot.

5. To be well prepared:

- important information you like to share

- 3 most challenging things you are facing and what implementations you had tried

- what is your next plan or what are you looking for?


Who should attend?

1. A startup, growing, pre-IPO, who focuses on increasing sales, and cash flows, restructuring

2. Businessman, head of the department, CEO, investors, shareholders

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When & Where

OUE Downtown 2

6 Shenton Way Singapore, 068809, Singapore, SG




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This is a non-profit event, set up by individuals, who want to help build a greater good community based on Singapore Government need of its citizen to reduce depression, anxiety and stress, by learning how to be mindful and to appreciate the simple things in life.