ANTS Intro Seminar

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About this Event

Here is an opportunity like no other!

“What makes Networking work is that it sets up win ~ win situations in which all parties involved get to take something home.
Networking is sharing process. Until you understand that, you won’t have much of a network." 
- Earl G.Graves.Sr

Do you want to see your business growing 10X?
Do you want to Network with Genuine business Men/Women?
Do you know networking is key to success for your Business?

Why should you attend? 
• Learn and earn networking skills
• Exchange Quality Referrals
• Meet likeminded Business owners and leaders who will help you accelerate your Business Growth

Not only will you share business knowledge with industry experts but you can also seek information and knowledge about the various everyday obstacles that you face and how to handle them in your business.

Now you can get more and better Referrals with less effort!

Who should attend?
Start-up, Entrepreneurs, Small Business, Professionals and MSME.

ANTS cordially invite you to our INTRO seminar.

We believe in promoting your business to its full capacity.

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When & Where

The Haritha Plaza

Greenlands Begumpet Hyderabad, Telangana 500016, Hyderabad, IN




Ambitious Networking Team Services (ANTS)

“Refer to Receive more”


Ambitious Networking Team Services (ANTS) is Business Referral Networking Organization. Not only do we help you generate quality leads but also introduce you to industry leaders and business coaches who will help you grow to unimaginable heights. Register now and gift your business exponential growth.


ANTS core group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others. Increase your client base by joining as Area Team Member (ATM).


How does ANTS work? A core group of smart people meet every fortnight, i.e. monthly 2 meetings, to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate. Its very much peer-to-peer mentoring, you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business.

Here are the reasons to join ANTS.

  • You'll be part of an exclusive community - Joining ANTS typically involves you being invited by the members or going through an application process. The other members need you just as much as you need them, so quality of experience and knowledge is crucial to all involved.
  • Advisement - Once you are involved in ANTS, that feeling of being alone while running your business is gone. The other members of the group turn into business advisers of sorts and vice versa.
  • Collaboration - Is the name of the game. You may find someone in the team that is a perfect fit to work on a project with you. Or, you may be the perfect person to help another member as well. The team works together collaboratively, to achieve more together.
  • Extend your network- Joining ANTS expands your network exponentially and rapidly. If you are in business, you know how important your network is. By joining ANTS, you instantly add to your network and typically gain the networks of those in the team with you.
  • New learning - Everyone in ANTS is unique in skill, experience and connections. By interacting and sharing your challenges, its almost certain that someone in ANTS will have a solution for you and you may also be able to offer a solution, connection or tactic to help another in the team.
  • Cross-promotion - When you join ANTS, you will most likely find ways to help each other by utilizing cross promotion. Finding ways to help each other through promoting to your respective networks.

Think bigger - Being in ANTS will truly give you a different feel, you can't help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.

What We Offer :

As a Member of the Ambitious Networking Team Services you will enjoy the following benefits

  • Increase your client base by joining as ATM in a Area Team Franchisee (ATF)
  • Establish contacts and receive referrals as Non-Team members as well as ATM.
  • Post your profile and website link on the ANTS website or make a Sub website.
  • Enjoy the fellowship and support of like-minded business owners across India.
  • Learn informative and educational presentations from Seminars, Training & Workshops.
  • Hear the Member Profile & Business presentations as a Area Team Member.
  • Celebrate your hard work and get Recognized regularly at Area Team Franchise fortnight meetings, Social programs and Gala Events.

Contact Info:

Address: 63, Defence Colony Road,
Sainikpuri, Secunderabad,
Telangana - 500094, India.


Phone: # 040 44724364 Landline and cell # 91 9100 444 365