Business on Autopilot 2.0

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About this Event

This workshop is for business/startup owners who want to learn the secrets of putting their startup on Autopilot mode.


There are some ventures that can't go beyond a particular scale and there are some others that can handle 1000s of outlets, hundreds and thousands of employees, operations across multiple cities of the world and more.


There are business owners who are struggling to manage the operations of their shops, and they need to be present 24/7 for things to function. Founders are struggling with time and they spend most of their week firefighting rather than focusing on things that matter.


This event is to learn the tricks of the trade, methods/process/apps/workflows to organise your business for scale, to free yourself from the operational issues. These secrets would allow you to be free from the hassles of time and place and money while managing your business.


Can we grow our business, working only 1 day a week? Not possible initially, but you can always work hard to implement the techniques taught here to achieve a work-life, where 1 day a week is enough to supervise your business. Rest of the days you are free to work on bigger things.


We are bringing together some Serial Founders to help you understand how to achieve the ever so elusive work-life balance, and how to ensure that your business runs like a well-oiled machine, without you having to do all the firefighting.


We will go over a lot of free web apps, automation tools (Zapier), Project management systems like Asana, Ecosystem of Apps like ZOHO one and more.


We will decode the Secrets of Putting your business on Steroids. This workshop is for Business/Startup Owners. But in case you are thinking of starting sometime soon and you want to see what it takes, you can jump in.




Profile of the Program Directors:


Pranav Bhatia, Founder Stirring Minds


Surabhi Dewra, Founder


Jasveer Singh, Founder QikStays (Forbes 30 Under 30)

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When & Where

Stirring Minds

Asaf Ali Road New Delhi, DL 110002, Delhi, IN




Stirring Minds

Stirring Minds is an initiative to support, help grow and nurture the entrepreneurial mind, ‘The Stirred One’ as we love to call it.


We have coworking hubs in India , with a node office in the Bay Area, California (Silicon Valley). We intend to connect the indian startup ecosystem with that of the Valley. We are focussed at building a community that spreads across our coworking locations and collaborates over our online platform.