Hardware Startups – Resources for a MVP

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“Investors have a deep-seated bias against hardware startup” Paul Graham wrote in 2012.
However, the data stretching back to that year tells a different story — as long as crowdfunding sites are included in a stretched definition of “investors”.

Consumer Hardware Startup Exits

Sites like Kickstarter and IndieGogo make it possible for hardware entrepreneurs to raise money (or even take pre-orders) for concept designs or functioning prototypes.

That's why developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a foundamentalstep towards a successful growth path. In a city like San Francisco (software-centric), this can be difficult.

Learn from two companies that have developed and launched 3000+ products and services in 50 years

Companies like BlueThink and DGI support startups in technology -> prototype -> product development. They will share resources that founders can use to build successfully a prototype or directly a product.

What companies are involved?

BlueThink - https://bluethink.tech- is an engineering consultancy that supports Top 500 Fortune companies with new product development. With a global presence (US, UK and Italy), 8 international patents and several scientific publications, BlueThink supports R&D challenges with technology scouting, engineering services and complex technical problems resolution.

DGI - https://www.designgroupitalia.com/en/ - is an independent eclectic and multi-cultural design firm, focused on creating value through innovation. With operation in Milan, NYC, Reykjavik and Silicon Valley -DGI- designed and shipped more than 3000 product and services, winning more than 100 national and international design awards.

About the speakers:

Francesco Impari - Director of BlueThink US - Master in Public Policy at the UC Berkeley, Aerospace Engineer, book author and scientific articles contributor.

Leandro Agrò - Design Executive, IxD/UX expert (+20y), IoT pioneer, Speaker (TED MED live, SingularityU, Frontiers, IxDA, WUD), book author and patents contributor.

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655 Montgomery Street

7th Floor San Francisco, CA 94111, San Francisco, US





BlueThink is an Engineering Consultancy that supports R&D teams of Top 500 Fortune companies in developing innovative products in the form of proof of concept and patentable intellectual property. 

BlueThink operates according to the methodology of "innovation through cross-industry technology transfer" - A methodology prised by both customers and journals like the MIT Sloan Management Review.