Pitch your startup idea to us we’ll make it happen (Monday-Friday 2:45pm).

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Do you have a great startup idea? We'll build it for less than $10,000. Pitch your idea to us through our Pitch Studio.


Build your web software or mobile app for less than $10,000.

Schedule a call today we are all ears.

A pitch studio is a concept created by Waxdale Ecosystem, it is basically a simple way for would-be entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to us without any pressure. Next, we evaluate the idea based on two simple things: feasibility and potential. We then make an offer to the entrepreneur to develop the project at a significant discount. Why? Because all great ideas should be pursued, and money should not be a problem. We own a development firm and have total control on our pricing. We leave money on the table because we'd prefer to build a long-term relationship with you.

Do you want to pitch your idea to us ?

Schedule a call today we are all ears.

We're open to sign an NDA.

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Waxdale Ecosystem Inc.

Waxdale Ecosystem Inc. is an Ecosystem as a Service organization that operates a startup studio and provides
services and tools to entrepreneurs and startups throughout the startup lifecycle.