PreSeed Academy #15: Crafting a compelling brand story early stage

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People buy stories, not products. That also goes for startups.


Branding is somewhat of a fluffy term, mostly due to its intangibility, but it’s no secret that a strong brand can be a company’s most crucial asset. This is also evident for early stage startups, where a well-communicated brand and vision can help you in a variety of aspects from attracting employees (AND investors!), sales, partnerships, getting media attention and much more.

Several cases show that with the right brand, vision and narrative, startups have been able to attract investments without even having a product in the market. Besides increasing your chances of succesful funding, a strong brand will most likely ease the access to the market as well.

The potential of a unique brand is not to be overlooked, why we dedicate this StartupTalk to help early stage startups get a grip on the multifaceted exercise. Besides being a fluffy term, branding is a broad and complex term. It contains multiple disciplines including tailoring a capturing narrative, catchy storytelling, a suitable and modern visual identity and more. Not to mention that a coherence between all is necessary for either to work and ultimately for your brand to succeed. In our experience, early stage startups are experts on their product and service. However, it includes a risk of the brand being too product focused and technical, which often shows in a confusing brand story resulting in a weak brand.

The talk will give provide you with guidelines on how to begin the process and transform your product (and vision) into a capturing story from the perspective of a branding expert and a serial-entrepreneur who has been through the complex process several times.



17.00 - 17.15: Welcome

17.15 - 17.25: Nicolaj Højer Nielsen (Business Angel): Introduction

17.25 - 18.10: Kiki Lund Schjølin (DesignIt): Branding strategies for startups

18.10 - 18.35: Break - snacks and drinks

18.35 - 19.15: Peter Michael Oxholm Zigler (Boon): Lessons learned from building brands early stage

19.15 - 19.30: Q&A session

19.30 - 19.40: Key takeaways

19.40 - 20.00: Stay for good talks and beers


Speaker info:

- Nicolaj Højer Nielsen is our trusted partner in crime at PreSeed Academy as well as a Business Angel and Author of the Startup Funding Book.

- Kiki Lund Schjølin is Senior Business Designer at DesignIt. Through her line of work, she has worked with numerous companies, including startups, assisting them in building a strong brand by tailoring a compelling narrative, an appropriate visual identity and more.

- Peter Michael Oxholm Zigler is a serial-entrepreneur, who has co-founded Autobutler and recently founded Boon. Having been through the process of building a strong brand early stage, while being in the midst of it now, he has first-hand experiences on the topic.


The event is free to attend. Due to the limited number of seats we're enforcing a no-show fee: If you have signed up but do not show up, we will invoice you 200 kr.


The startup school PreSeed Academy is pioneered by PreSeed Ventures in collaboration with Nicolaj Højer Nielsen and has developed from a strong desire to make early stage startups succeed. We have a series of events planned for you in 2019, an ambitious mix of talks, masterclasses and walk-in sessions, so make sure to stay tuned at

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DTU Skylab

Diplomvej 373a 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Lyngby, DK




PreSeed Academy

PreSeed Academy was developed from a strong desire to make early-stage startups succeed. The academy hosts a variety of talks, where you can tap into expertise from seasoned entrepreneurs who have walked the walk or are in the midst of it. PreSeed Academy is a collaboration between PreSeed Ventures and serial entrepreneur Nicolai Højer Nielsen.