Startups After 50

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Startups After 50

Join Next for Me along with the San Francisco Tech Council, Donna Kastner of Retirepreneur, and Nancy Branka of Startup Decoder for "Startups After 50," a practical and inspiring discussion for people exploring entrepreneurial and startup opportunities in the next chapter of their careers.

The event is hosted by Copper, 301 Howard St. 1st Floor Lounge, San Francisco, CA 94105


The event will include a celebration of our new book:

Next For Me: A Guide to Startups for Dreamers

In their new book Silicon Valley veterans Carole McManus and Jeff Tidwell deliver a philosophical and wide-eyed set of exercises for startup entrepreneurs to see their young companies in a more expansive light. Starting with Your Philosophical Center, then Fresh Perspectives and ending on solid ground with The Tactical. The book is filled with useful survival techniques for hacking through, and having the endurance to stay standing.

The authors are co-founders of Next For Me. Next For Me connects and inspires our generation to evolve post-50 lives through new work, a new purpose, or a new social contribution.



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Copper Headquarters

301 Howard St. 1st Floor Lounge San Francisco, Ca 94105, San Francisco, US




Next For Me

Next For Me connects and inspires our generation to evolve our post-50 lives through new work, a new purpose, or a new social contribution.