Startups Interested in Global Expansion – Access to Tokyo Seminar

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Startups Interested in Global Expansion - Access to Tokyo Seminar


Tokyo Metropolitan Government offers support programs for cutting edge technology companies to expand to Tokyo via a Business Partner Matching Accelerator or our Free Consulting Services program.

This event is for: startups, hub organizations, and VCs to learn about the Access to Tokyo Business Partner Matching Accelerator and Free Consulting Services program, that help companies expand internationally into Tokyo.

The followings are example of our various support areas:

  • Business Partner Matching: Support for selection of/contact with potential business partners from ~100 Japanese businesses
  • Market research: Survey of market size/growth potential, including interviews, and research regulation
  • Strategy Planning for Market Entry/Expansion: Product life-cycle survey, SWOT analysis, 4P statement etc.
  • Office Searching: Identify a proper location based on your preference, such as cost, adjacency with customers etc.


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Accenture - Access to Tokyo Seminar

1345 6th Avenue Conference Room 6058 (6th Floor) New York, NY 10105, New York, US




Terrance Andersen

love searching out data-sets, exploring, discovering correlations and interesting trends, then visualizing them into a meaningful story that all audiences can understand. My passionate is to find a fit where I can turn raw data into wisdom that will be useful to a company.

Hobbies include: I like Geo-caching, it takes me to new and interesting places like lookout points, sculptures, and interesting places I would have never otherwise known about. I also love to paint on 16X24” canvases, my most recent painting is of the Eiffel Tower. I’d be happy to show some of them to anyone interested in seeing them.