Twice Read (Genre – Entrepreneurship/Business)

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About this Event

For all startup enthusiast & avid reader - join us into this one of a kind event for a book exchange cum human library session for startups!



Twice Read is a book exchange cum human library event for the startup ecosystem! Here, readers have to join by bringing in their old/unused/finished books related to startup/entrepreneurship/business and share it with fellow attendees along with their learnings, experiences they had on reading the books they got - especially how it impacted their startup journey!

Join us for this one of a kind networking event for sharing and spreading knowledge using books :)

Event Snapshot:

Date: 19th May

Time: 4pm - 7 pm

Venue: 91SpringBoard, Koramangala , Bangalore

Author's corner with: Vardhane Harsh - author of 'SaaS startup for beginners'

Our background:

Readsnet is a worldwide community of readers to share their libraries by exchanging books, their different perspectives and learnings on reading them. We aim to create a new social network for readers to share their gained knowledge, connect with like-minded readers and make second hand books available for free thus to benefit tier-2/3 city readers and broke readers who wish to read but cannot afford books.

Our aim?

To create a worldwide community of bibliophiles who can mutually share their libraries and perspectives while reading the books.

Check us out at: Our website!


Cool, when do you guys fulfill our wishlists?

We started work on this concept this Jan 2019 and will be launching by 1st - 2nd week of May for users.

Why the event?

We wish to bring the offline experience of our concept to all are readers! We are operating in Mumbai and on popular demand expanding to Bangalore as well!

How is the event going to be?

It's a book exchange cum human library event for the entrepreneurs, businessmen /women as well as the whole startup ecosystem.

First, we will have a session by Vardhane Harsh sir who will speak about his book 'SaaS startup for beginners' followed by Q&A session. Learn from the author itself about the hottest sector in startups!!

Here is a link to his book to check out - SaaS startups for beginners


Then, every reader has to come on stage to speak about the book they have got for exchange. Talk about things like:

What made you buy the book?

What did you learn from it?

Why would you want to recommend it to people?

How did you apply the learnings in your own startup journey

Every reader has to get an old/unused/finished book that you have enjoyed reading to pass it on to the fellow attendees in the event. Here are some rules for the exchange:

You can get as many old books as you want for the exchange, but they have to be from business/entrepreneurship/tech startup genre!

It's great if you get atleast 1 book into the event - but it's ok if you want to come as a listener and simply attend the event! But trust me, looking at others getting free second hand books might make you feel left out :P

If you think you will lose the book, then no! - We will track who has got your book and connect you with the person who has it! No worries here :)

This will be then followed by networking.


Will add up soon - register asap as we have limited seats!

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When & Where

91springboard 7th Block,

Koramangala Hosur Road Bengaluru, KA 560095, Bangalore, IN




Twice Read (Genre - Entrepreneurship/Business)