VC Startups: Denationalizing and Demonopolizing the State Functions

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How to eliminate Government through VC Investment & Disruptive Technologies as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Quantum Comp?


Julio Alejandro, VC Investor, academic and university lecturer, and former CEO of three Blockchain and Disruptive Technologies consultancies will provide an accurate and actualized map of the systems, technologies, and startups-entrepreneurs fighting to provide competition, markets, and choice in centralized monopolic government industries.

How to build multi-legal, multi-economic, multi-governance, and multi-territorial (city-creation) systems through VC-Angel investment, tech entrepreneurship, and Austrian Economics.

Using Bitcoin-Cypherpunk, General and Super Artificial Intelligence, TransHumanism HeLa cells, and Quantum Computing in anti-government Fintech, Sharing Economy, and Smart Cities.

If politicians-diplomats-bureaucrats are perennially stupid and illiterate in technology, economics, and globalization. Why should they concentrate the monopoly on creation of human-civilization services?

Technology investment organizations 'decentralizing' (demonopolizing, deterritorializing, denationalizing) human services include:

Bitnation, Social Evolution, Seasteading, (3D Printed) Distributed Defense, Alcor Cryonics, Aragon DAO, Special Governance Zones, AI Pandora Boxchain, privacy Monero, Ulex OS Legal System, Free Private Cities, Kleros (crowdsourced jury), and the Paralelni Polis ecosystem.

Building better, cheaper, more affordable, transparent, inclusive, and market regulated services in social welfare; immigration; money creation; legality, criminality, enforcement; nation building; environmentalism; gender-racial-religious equality; and private property protection.


Julio Alejandro has lectured in +70 universities and think tanks worldwide. Oxford, Cambridge, United Nations, Google, EU Parliament, MIT, LSE, WeWork Headquarters, Amnesty International, and the Bahrain EDB.

He provides academic, methodological, and axiologic understanding to electronic governance and decentralization to investors, Venture Capitals, and International Organisms.

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Newspeak House

133 Bethnal Green Road London E2 7DG, London, GB




Julio Alejandro

Julio Alejandro, “Leonardo da Vinci of Fintech” (Cointelegraph 2016), is a global university lecturer, who has lectured, competed, and lobbied in United Nations, Google, European Union, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, MIT, WeWork Headquarters, and more than 50 international universities and institutions on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things.

He is the former CEO & Founder of Jada Consulting - "Taming Disruptive Technologies"; Humanitarian Blockchain; and "Digital Anarchy" - Innovations Lab. He has designed Machine Learning for Women,  "Blockchain in Calais" (Fintech for Refugees), and Tech Smart Cities programs.

As an entrepreneur, Alejandro is a Member of the Board to the World Future Foundation; of UN-Partnered “Latinomics”; and of Bitnation.  

He is listed as one of the world's "Fintech Top 100 Influencers" (Onalytica; 2016) and has been branded as the “Leonardo da Vinci of Fintech” by CoinTelegraph (2016). He has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, and Fox News; and his articles and interviews about Disruptive Technologies have been translated into Lithuanian, Slovakian, Polish, Turkish, German, and other non-European languages.

Earlier he worked in Aeternity Blockchain and in his previous American life, he worked as the US National Foreign Correspondent for Excelsior and La Jornada on political and immigration journalism.

Alejandro speaks fluent French and Spanish, wants to become a VC investor in Disruptive Tech startups, and resides in London, England.