Women Entrepreneurs: How to Make Passive Income Online From Home [WEBINAR]

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Ladies, are you searching for an additional way to earn extra income?

- Have you always wanted to start an online business but are CLUELESS where to begin?

- Are you are worried that starting an online business is going to require a lot of investment, advertising cost and technical skills?


Many women see raising children and growing a family as a full-time job. But more and more women are inspired to take on the full-time job of raising children while running a business - all at the same time. And from these ambitious and inspiring women, we have the rise of the term "homepreneur" in the small business space.


If you're an aspiring homepreneur, hoping to make the most out of your past experience, skill, and your current schedule, attend this FREE 1 hour webinar to discover:

1. The cheapest way to start your business online without professional IT skills

2. What business you should start online

3. How to start your own online business without having to buy stocks or ship products

4. How to build a 5-figure revenue online business from the comfort of your home with your children at your side

5. What are the current online trends that Homepreneur should ride on.

6. How to start your own online business without having to build a website

7. How to advertise and attract customers without spending a single dime on marketing and publicity

8. What are the Free trainings and mentorship provided for you to kick start your Homepreneur journey even when you have ZERO marketing skills or IT skills


Note: This is an ONLINE event. The link to join the webinar will be sent to you upon confirmation (check the ticket). Thank you and we hope you receive tons of value!

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Empower Women

Empower Women is a global coaching & mentorship platform that empowers women to kick start their online business from home, leveraging on the power of E-Commerce, to build a sustainable 5-6 figures income in record timing.


Our aim is to provide the relevant tools, knowledge and network for aspiring entrepreneurs (working women, stay-at-home mums) who want to learn about E-commerce, systematic approach to engage with customers, to expand business on a global scale and to level up their income.


Our students range from as young as 15 years old, to as senior as 76 years old. We’ve seen tremendous success from students across a diverse background, as long as they are committed to learning.