It is a system in which we can grow vegetables and some fruits like strawberries without soil yes without soil we use aquaculture the fish inside the water eat feeds and excrete waste material into the water and the plants use the nutrients in the water.

In aquaphonics water is recycled multiple times it can change the future of Agriculture in Balochistan because Water level is decreasing day by day in Balochistan. If we control wastage of water we can build our future.

Benefits of Aquaphonics

you will get Organic Food

No Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are ussd in Aquaphonics.

Former can grow vagetable in All year with multiple crops

More production In less area

Quality of Vegetables will increase

Former can also sell fishes

The Aquaphonics will help the small farmer financial problems

Uptp 80% of water can be saved 

There is no use of Fertilizers