How to store excess plant material from food or cooking, a pot that is 90 meters high, be iron or wood and have holes, put a layer of food and then put a newspaper so as not to smell stink, so that we can unload the container faster, after We get many layers, move them to the discharge container, which must be in a shaded area on the soil so that the materials that fall from the container are absorbed, lay a layer of twigs preferably thick and aim at ventilating the center of the vessel, The materials are similar to each other, a layer of building material from which several layers are then placed in another layer It is preferred that the container is rotated from time to time to speed up the fermentation of the material, the weather, the container and the materials. The factors that affect the speed of fermentation. The latter and the upper layers ferment, become like dirt, and become the product of the soil.