The inherent advantage of the direct broadcast satellite (DBS) system is that this technology offers instant television programming to a wide area. The small and inexpensive Ku-band DBS receiver system is ideal for direct-to-home broadcast services. It should be able to compete with terrestrial broadcast and cable television for a substantial share of the television audience because of the wider area coverage (when compared to broadcast television) and lower installation cost per household (when compared to cable television). The DBS system is also suitable for high-definition television (HDTV) and stereo sound transmissions. These additional features should make the DBS system extremely popular. The Ku-band (12 GHz) DBS receiver system uses a small, 1'-2' dish. The small size dish is possible because of shorter wavelengths and higher satellite power. It is less expensive (U.S. $350) than TVRO receivers and the dish can be installed anywhere in a house or an apartment. Therefore, it has a much better market potential.