Problem Statement

Actually the management of Influence on Marketing and personal way cannot be monitored efficiently and cannot be executed at any level. On Latin America, people (4/10 persons) got limitations on expressiveness on social networks, who cannot get the right image on their conversations lines.

Target Customer

Organizations with services and products oriented to popular markets, only in Honduras 35% of big companies contributors to the state focused on massive markets don't have any influencer network to positionate their products and there is no any way to keep the brand presence online.
About users of FlyKey Keyboard, The target is oriented for expresive people between 14 and 25 years old and users of android 6.0 and beyond.


The customers especially in Honduras don't have any way to manage and monitor the influence of their brands over the markets, only keeps it's brand presence by fidelizations campains with internal groups inside the networking of the company. By another way, the users only get stickers and "memes" from different resources on web, this is not only on Honduras at globally this images are based and taken from web and several images repositories on apps with not inclusive services.
FlyKey Keyboard has competition at two stages; one of them is at keyboards with GBoard and SwiftKey, both of them are focused on typing improves and Gboard is adding it's integrated search on web, and the second stage is the Stickers Gallery online by compiting with GiPhy and Bitmoji which are taking advantage of the sponsored stickers globally with strategic partners on social networks.


FlyKey Keyboard is not only going to provide a tracking tool for influence marketing to companies with permanent presence online, also will provide a expresiveness tool for people who needs images instantly and fast to complement their ideas on social networks.
FlyKey Keyboard offers positioning by memes and stickers inside the gallery, this means that each time users type a specific word in their conversations lines automatically FlyKey gets identified the context and tag in order to provide a very fit prediction of stickers(or any graphic representation), which will be sponsored or non and user can insert it on ther conversation lines; back the stickers sponsored exists a business line for the corporative customer will get a tool for a very effective positioning based on time or results.

I need help with:

At this stage FlyKey is facing two issues and this is the main reason why I am coming to you, flyKey thinks that you have the experience to guide and mentor us on influence marketing to posicionate the Keyboard, by another side we need help with neural networks for java after making a lot of research we keep getting problems with the words predictions.

Why anyone would help me?

FlyKey is not trying to provide a great stickers company, FlyKey Keyboard is going to be the best influence online tool by expressiveness at personal and profesional stage. This is the reason why we are getting in contact with leaders by mentoring people who makes great things.