In normal we used to control the industrial equipments by manual operation. Hence it is to be updated step by step manually. It is overcome by a new mode of communication which is used to control all those equipments through a single message from anywhere. GSM is the most popular mobile phone system in the world which could be used for this controlling operation from anywhere else.<br /> <br /> GSM Global System for Mobile Communication is used as a media which is used to control and monitor the industrial equipments from anywhere by sending a message. It has its own deterministic character.Thereby, here GSM is used to monitor and control the DC motor, Stepper motor, Temperature sensor and Solid State Relay by sending a message through GSM modem. Hence no need to waste time by manual operation and transportation.It would most definitely make over all day to day operations more easier and efficient.<br /> <br /> Hence it is considered as highly efficient communication through the mobile which will be useful in industrial controls, automobiles, and appliances which would be controlled from anywhere else. It is also highly economic and less expensive; hence GSM is preferred most for this mode of controlling.