Problem Statement

The Zimbabwe ministry of ICT and Cyber Security recently launched a new ICT policy stating amongst other deliverables; sustainability, inclusiveness, innovation and partnershipsgeographical coverage, networking. ecommerce, eservices, elearning, building an ICT resource base, improved ICT in agriculture, tourism, augmented reality, addressing the digital divide, increased and modernised methods and systems to grow our economy, achieving the Sustainable Development Goal- 9, creating an environment where talent can be rewarded and can excel, being young people oriented, developed business and entrepreneurial training, disaster mitigation, and monthly funding disbursements. Whilst tech hubs are becoming more common in urban areas, rural areas are still deprived and many policies are yet to be fulfilled. Establishing the rural revolution hubs will be good policy implementation, will operate as a channel for service providers to cateer for rural communities improving their access to resources and will act as "modern growth point".




Target Customer - Who faces the problem?

The rural communities. The hub will act as a development centre, "modern day growth point" for rural localities. Service providers are also a target population whereby they will be charged to use the hub for advertising, marketing, sales, and any other interation with the rural communities. 



Competition - What do they do right now

Different services providers e.g. Econet are expanding their network coverage to marginal rural areas improving rural acess to information. people can acquire some of the services that the hub will provide via cellphones. 



Value - With my idea, I will

My idea will however improve acess to information reducing problems such as false news that are common on social media such as whatsapp. This will be done by using trusted and registered information providers. It will also promote the consumption of material that could have otherwise be over looked in rural areas that may not be available on mainstream media. The hubs will promote interaction between different rural-rural communities, rural-urban communities, rural-rural regional communities and rural-global communities and reduce the traveling costs and urban migration. The hub will also offer Aguemented reality. 


I need help with:

I am a first time entrepreneur and I need a mentor to guide me through. I need someone with knowledge of ICT and how it works, and investors who are interested in benefiting from ICT's social development.



Why anyone would help me?

The hub will function as an information market benefiting both service providers and consumers.