InConversation is a brand of Conversational Bytes Founded by Altan R. Koraltan in 1999. The concept is to develop Conversationally Interactive Multi-modal Virtual Persona's “Empowerers” in Education, Medicine and as Infotainment. This project is to develop as the first pahse, a conversationally interactive virtual persona of William Shakespeare as a scalable MVP.



To sell and to license globally to a market well over 100 million plus potential users.

Every School in the UK / MUST for every English literature pupil, college and university student

Global: Scholars, Academics, Educational Institutions, Researchers, Students, Students of Literature, Drama, Theatre, In keeping with UK, Europe and other international educational curriculum and examinations. Eventually available in differing Languages, or where possible give an option between English and indigenous language of the user.

As Exhibit: the visitors to Shakespeare’s Home, Museum,  International Libraries or specially created immersive environments, integrated with other emergent technologies VR/AR or holographic projections.



Converse one to one with Virtual Persona of William Shakespeare, talk and learn.

  • Ask and recive, answeres direct from the Bard
  • Create a personal, individual relationship with the Bard
  • Learn first-hand - his life and times
  • Hold a session, have a tete –a - tete 
  • Anything from advice, chit chat to and intense debate
  • Learn while being entertained
  • Improve your conversational skills    



William Shakespeare's brand is estimated to be worth a huge $1 billion plus. Today, Shakespeare brand rating (AAA) is higher than most banks and multinationals.

Shakespeare is the best-selling author of all time; with book sales estimated between USD$2 and 4 billion

70 + million children globally study Shakespeare globally; Australia, Azerbaijan, China, Denmark, Italy, Kuwait, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ukraine and Vietnam.
There have been more than 400 feature length films and TV productions of Shakespeare works.      

Source Brand Finance 

Please view the presentation here https://sway.com/eSQOeDCHyuXHNPsb?ref=Link

Contact: ark@eklegein.io  

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