Problem Statement

Impact Trauma rehabilitation is slow, expensive, causing productivity loss and other social ills; I am developing a holistic method which dramatically shortens recovery time and empowers therapists to cope with a much higher patient flow, which presently is braked by scarcity of professionals, exaggerate bureaucratization and inadequate monitoring.


Target Customer - Who faces the problem?

Trauma victims must compete for scarce facility and operator resources, which forces much slower and inefficient rehabilitation protocols.


Competition - What do they do right now

Competition is eons behind in concepts and technology


Value - With my idea, I will

Enable trauma victims to recover their productive ability more quickly and efficiently.


I need help with:

Fnancing, financing and financing, plus of course legal and administrative support; often startups fail because they invest in fancy facades at the expense of solid foundations and run out of funds before the roof is finished in time for the rainy season. Please read a more complete, albeit not exhaustive, description in

and in Acquater Ballastics (TM) Hydrokinetic Therapy Handbook:


Why anyone would help me?

Burgeoning market prospects remain a prime factor, yet the added ability for social redemption has its weight in the choice of investment targets.