A cost-effective way to produce a Nano coating across almost any surface. Ideas that may include, Personnel protection from cosmic radiation.  In turn, it may convert it to electricity. The photo is a piece of fiberglass that's still working after 3 years and extremely conductive and acts as an insulator to the surface it's attached, the copper wire I have put it on is more resistive to much higher currents.  This process has been put on everything from cotton to fiberglass. Going through every extreme I could throw at it. notice it is in a/c volts and I'm touching the red lead to help hold it in place so, I am the antenna of the system, cloth to glass fiber to copper. However, further tests are needed, Theoretically, gamma energies should be able to be blocked as new nanostructures are built. Tests so far have been successful with frequencies as low as 60 Hz., radio waves, and TV blocked.  The light spectrum doesn't seem to be affected with the current nanostructure, but a full analysis hasn't been completed. Infrared and ultraviolet should also be fairly easy to determine. Now the wave density levels would be a bit harder but if they work from the lower levels when the material is infused with fiberglass and cotton cloth and rayon, a denser base material should work. I realize that the low-frequency tests so far can be blocked with other materials. However, I am not aware of any material as thin as 0.01micron is able to. If anyone has any insight let me know.