Problem Statement

Builders are forced to use archaic means to purchase building materials and don't have modern (website & app) means to purchase how they want.  Also, multiple take offs are completed in the current method enabling poor purchasing decisions based on mistakes and not the lowest price, best service.



Target Customer - Who faces the problem?

Initially: Independent custom single family home builders who don't have staff to comb through material quotes.  

Long term: All builders/DIYers who want to interface with a single website/app to manage their material purchases


Competition - What do they do right now

A vast majority of potential customers interface with material suppliers in person, over the phone or via email.  A few companies offer online sales but attempt to take the retail establishment out of the equation and warehouse product, adding shipping costs and unnecessary overhead.



Value - With my idea, I will

Builders will be able to shop multiple dealers with one attempt (think and make purchasing decisions on their timeline, rather than conform to the 8-5 brick and mortar concept and take time away from their job sites creating value.



I need help with:

I need help to prove traction and need help soliciting angel/seed funding.  I also need help with a technical co-founder who can steer tech teams/decisions



Why anyone would help me?

If you supported me, we can drive down the cost of housing and make new homes more affordable while injecting innovation into an industry that desperately needs it!