In the evolution of our future as a Species, our supplements have been ok at serving us. However, Bio-Nootropics are supplements that you can use now to fill the gaps of lost proteins in the current food supply and gain significant improvement in your health and biological processes that we were designed to have much quicker, efficiently, and more effectively. As human supplements, they only need to be taken 2 times a month because of the potency. No stockpiling a supply of supplements. There is a need for alternatives because most of the supplements out there help but can't be created in space without an unaffordable expense. If the alternatives are not developed then those who can go to space would be limited. Without the extra measures to ensure the population as a whole, Wouldnt that mean only the enhanced are in space and the weaker of the Species get left behind? Wouldn't this mean a lower quality of life for those who do go to space without them? These are a few of the reasons I set out to discover and create Bio-Nootropics which will move the cost potential and lifestyle considerably in the right direction. Allowing all on earth and off planet better health and lifestyles. In space, they can be created, on board, with less than 1/2 cubic foot for a personal multi-batch module in each cabin or living space by using new technologies. And most of all, they can be developed and used also as animal, and plant supplements after further research.

Some people take up to 100 pills a day in supplements, Joints hurt, and they don't feel that invincibility they once did, and can't stay focused. Anyone who currently uses or is thinking of using nootropics for biological enhancement and even if you use this as a supplement with current products it would only have a positive effect because you would find out how Bio-Nootropics help their current Supplements Integrate and improve the performance without added side effects. And, if they are just needing something without side effects, as a matter of fact, you won't really realize you've been enhanced until you've completed a workout or just finished that hard days work, and you're not as sore and you recover so much faster than ever before. You have clearer focus and energy.

 Some products work for some people while not for others. Companies are purchasing many ingredients. Some products have side effects, while others have unknown side effects, and some ingredients are banned in some countries. Bio-Nootropics change that, they are safe for everyone and used to keep you as biologically balanced as possible with no side effects. The effects of age take a toll and they certainly helped me. You heal faster, remain alert, comprehension and information retention increased and you don't feel it happen, it just works.

They need to be used by those people who suffer from joint pain and need to strengthen the bone structure much quicker and if you have a hard time to heal from open wounds these are the reason these were made to make life easier to live as I needed and it needs to be offered to everyone else. With those who compete or work out consistently, it should help them heal Far faster than they ever thought possible from injuries. Logic alone would tell you that if the body is balanced the mind would follow.  They fill that gap we are missing with the current food and supplement market products that make promises, are costly, because they take forever to take effect and that keeps us from being at the top of the game. 

The health of the human body is essential both on earth and if we start moving into space even more. Those who help, see the future of the health of our species and the current methodologies are lacking. Healthcare costs are out of control. The next phase of mankind is to travel through space and would be extremely costly on the health front, in itself. If we have to have all the ingredients and facilities to make, ship and store medications and supplements and do this to the utmost of efficiency in order to maintain the health and welfare of the personnel, travelers whether on earth, another planet the cost would be astronomical (no pun intended).  Better to prepare now, and the time is perfect to get this into the hands of the public and provide a product that will help them much quicker. Even if they dont go to space Health is the only thing most of us have and for those who dont, BioNootropics will help. I am the proof of concept of the product capabilities, I didn't graduate high school or college, yet I have been able to learn to develop the supplement to enhance myself to learn, comprehend, retain and create, and heal faster. I have a ton to accomplish. I'm 54 and want to finish my days completing my goals. Something I have always done in the past. I'm not about to stop now. Isn't that what life is all about?