Created by student designer Jack Martinich from Monash University, Australia, the Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair is a brand new reinterpretation of what wheelchairs for seniors should look and feel like. Around the world, the aging population that uses wheelchairs has to rely on bulky electricity driven products that are space hogging, generic and medical-use like in their demeanor. The Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair looks to create a niche line of electric assisted mobility solutions for senior citizens that are truly futuristic both in design as well as function.

Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair is primarily designed to be quickly transported without being dissembled which means that seniors using the product would not need to wait around for the wheelchair to be assembled and dissembled every time they need to go somewhere in a car. Featuring an innovative folding mechanism, the Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair allows the user to simply push on the hand rims just like a traditional manual wheelchair to help users maintain their physical activity and independence.

The design of the wheelchair is created to provide added versatility which is why its hand rims come fitted with force sensors that can detect the physical exertion of the user and automatically provide additional power to the wheels then it senses that the user is getting tired of propelling the wheelchair manually. Similar to power steering in a car, the electric assist system in the Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair complements the user’s effort instead of overriding it.

To ensure optimal balance on two wheels, the user’s centre of gravity is maintained optimally using Segway inspired technology that self-balances this electric wheelchair. The maneuverable and compact frame of the vehicle eliminates of the need for castor wheels further shirking the size of the wheelchair. Measuring just 700mm x700mm x500mm, the Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair is fitted with large 26” tires and the user’s clothing is protected from the tires by integrated handrest/wheel guards. To allow an easier grip, the wheelchair is fitted with wider ergonomic pushrims for a more confident and pleasurable experience.

The base of each of the hubless wheels is fitted with an electric servo motors that is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion batteries. On a full charge, the Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair has a range of approximately 20 km. While sitting into the seat or standing out of it, footrests are shifted upwards and the automatic kickstands deploy to improve user confidence and safety. The Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair is just a model for now though it would be fashioned using injection molded PVC fenders with ABS plastic and polyurethane components attached to a sturdy aluminum chassis. Kevlar lined pneumatic rubber tires are also added to the Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair to further enhance user safety and comfort.

Source: Monash