Problem Statement

EDM festivals are attended by anywhere from 400K to 700K fans.  As a result, overcrowded cell towers severely limit service. Our wearable devices enable users to meet new friends and stay connected after the event in a fun and fashionable way.  We offer a community building platform that connects to the bracelets; allowing users to share GPS, create a family tree of friendships, interact and make payments etc.

Festival goers are already exchanging bracelets with each other.  Basic poly-bead bracelets, called “Kandi” are exchanged when a friendship is formed between festival goers.  They use it as a sign of affection or acceptance. The term “PLUR” is used frequently which stands for peace, love, unity and respect.  


Target Customer - 

In the United States in 2016, 32 million people attended at least one rave. The market is also experiencing a 14% annual growth rate. EDM festivals are expanding globally, with major festival brands such as Insomniac expanding to 16 additional countries in 2019. The global growth rate of the EDM market is 32% annually, particularly in China.


Current “Kandi” Bracelets Exchanged at Festivals Prototype of RFID-Enabled “Kandi” Bracelet

Festival goers exchange these with others. Festival goers exchange these with others who they may never see each other again. Festival goers can connect with each other after the festival on our communication platform for free.  Five Charms: $13


Competition - What do they do right now

There are currently no other wearable technologies that function like our product.  Our founders are familiar with the market and the values of users so our “PLUR Tech” brand image will resonate with many of the users.  When we establish our initial user base, users will have so much invested in their own history and profile that switching to a potential competitor would take extra effort.  


Value - With my idea, I will

The Solution: "Electric Kandi Charms" are attached to the user’s existing bracelets.  These RFID-enabled charms connect to an app that tracks where the bracelet has been and creates a roadmap of user profiles, similar to an profile.  


“Electric Kandi Bracelets” are our high-end product if users would like to enhance their experience at the festival.  It has the same look and feel as a smart watch with a small screen as well as light up bands. The bracelet allows users to:

  • Create special groups and share their location

  • Create visual maps of the festival

  • Turn on sound activated lights on band

  • Send emergency alerts to groups

  • Red light visual alert system

I need help with:

Funding to finish software development to create a minimally viable product for an initial beta test.


Why anyone would help me?

PLUR Tech believes life is a gift, a chance to give back to the world through peace, love, unity and respect. A chance to give back to the world by becoming more. Our startup team has a clear vision of what the future of communication and live event experiences. We have a diverse team of engineers, with different passions and skill sets on our team which allows to easily be able to expand our product line in the future.

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Company Incorporation & Trademark

Designed and 3-D Printed Prototypes

Secured RFID chips from Zebra, Inc.

Permission granted to integrate with iPhone IOS system

Provisional Patent Filed

Semi-Finalist in National Student Startup Madness (part of SXSW)

Raised $10,000 from University Student Fund

35,000 Website Views (


We have the head of innovation as a mentor from IBM and Zebra is the #1 manufacture of RFID chips in the world who also has partnership with same people as PLUR Tech.  We have a Provisional Patent, a Trademark filled for the names “PLUR Tech” and “Electric Kandi”, a LLC formed and our business name registered.