I want to build a platform, which gives everyone chance to learn and develop their skills with all kind of centralized support channels online, with educational material, expert guidance and with what all might be needed, well managed, regulated. With which a person can join to carry on their further studies with convinence of whatever time they can spend to complete a cource.
It has to be safe, secure to let user independently but failrly qualify to the adopted level and to qualify for next level. Which essentially means, you take up a cource, complete it in whatever time frame suits one, go through required essential test or exam if you want to qualify to move on.

But from here the whole main idea starts, as soon as you qualify for a certain qualification, skill or cource, the relevent employers are automatically notified to get you added up to their database for if they would like to hire you for services, for part time or full. The employers will be automatically able to provide you chance for your initial experiance, based on your nearby location at that point of time and in addition the employers of that match category in the areas or location of the user's specified intrest.

This syetm will provide a core, comprehencive workforce base, one stop solution for all and will remove so many usual routine hurdels for one to get hire.

The system also will check to put you on any employer list only if you opt for, else if you are already satisfied with your growth or happily working, it should not list you to employers database for potential to hire. The system will strictly follow all rules and regulations to keep fair competition and avoid any chances of any frauds.

The system will have capability to let user select if they are basicly youth to go for their higher or further studies, or excutive just leraning and developing skills for better chances of growth.  For already hired, working people it also should be able to notify the current employer's concern department for your pormotion due onec you qualify for next level of expertise of skill needed for that pormoted position, etc.

It is not far fetched though and I trust is possible to workout, it will be simple straight forward solution for all ends to meet.

Consider it much bigger, huge network like Linkedin but for many more things, connected, inter-linked to facilitate a complete end to end cycle for people, for youth, for working class and for the ones who are intrested in new things, skills, learning etc.