With a growing community for both educational and hobbyist purposes, robotic kits are invaluable resources to learn about mechanics, electronics, and programming. Programmable or not, most of the robotic arm kits reviewed available are designed to be used by beginners and up to advanced users, used by anyone from students to hobbyists able to improve the skills and start building robotic projects including a powerful tool such as a robotic arm.

In general terms, a wide range of robotic arms are used in different areas including medical prosthetics,industrial applications. If an industrial robotic arm is used for tasks such as measuring, pick and place, assembly lines, and many more industrial applications, a robot arm kit is a powerful resource for research, as a trainer kit in education and for DIY robotic projects.

Starting with two and going forward to seven degrees of freedom, most of the robotic arms are designed to replicate a human arm, but with changes to fit the requirements of the application area.

The majority of kits are mini robotic arms compared with the heavy duty industrial robots, but with a few additional tools these can replicate the abilities and functionalities of an industrial robotic arm.

Robotic arm kits are engineered for low payloads due to a fragile structure, but the same structure allows you to add additional components such as sensors and actuators. Working on an opened architecture, the robotic arms are programmable and compatible with several other DIY components often used in robotics projects such as the Arduino.