Problem statement A large and persistent power deficit exists across Uganda continent with population increase, urban development and other factors fast outpacing the governments grid expansion; according to the New Vision newspaper article from 20th March 2017, of the 850MW generated from the grid, 70% is consumed by industries leaving a a paltry 30% for domestic consumers nationwide to share. This huge demand not makes power expensive, it’s also unstable since the electricity vendor tries to shed the power load Target Customer Domestic power consumers like hospitals, small businesses and homeowners in semi-urban areas People facing the problem Small and middle income businesses currently pay expensively for electricity that’s not only unstable but with dangerous connections too. Home owners return to darkness every evening Competition Most solar companies currently through loan financing schemes, make solar equipment available to people in urban and rural areas, however not only are this units small, they are basically incapable of generating large amounts of electricity and most people resort to using them to charge their phones. What people are doing that are facing this problem The majority of solar companies currently sell solar equipment, that’s a burden the end user doesn’t want. It’s bulky, expensive and they have to worry about installation costs, security and other things that shouldn’t be their concerns them at all. I divides areas of operation into small manageable intend to rent out rooftops and install solar panels on them. Value I will be relieving the domestic user of worries about installation, load shedding, national grid instability since they will be having access to cheaper solar electricity from small manageable off-grid supply. I need help with funding, mentoring and help with getting finances. What kind of help are you looking for. Am mainly looking for funding to help kick start the idea. Why anyone would help me? If you are passionate about solving social problems and aren’t afraid to invest because If you supported me, it would enable millions of small and middle income businesses, homes have access to cheap, clean electricity.