Problem Statement

 it is hard for people living in urban regions have less access to clean and fresh vegetable stuff. My idea is to show the people living in urban regions and also in rural areas,that they can have access to fresh vegetables if they plant vegetables in their balconies or roof tops in containers and also in their smaĺl pieces of land in supplus amount. The great thing about my idea is that the plants are going to be grown organically which will help minimise the use of fertilizers and also pesticides.



Target Customer - Who faces the problem?

The problem faces almost every member living in the urban region and also the ones in the rural areas with less land for cultivation



Competition - What do they do right now

many of my competitors mainly advocate the use of fertilizers and pesticides for my project since its going to be mainly organic both to the fertilizers and pesticide. This makes my project to be better than the others.many people in my society are afraid of the pesticides and fertilizers used in the growing of vegetables and  this is an added advantage on my idea.



Value - With my idea, I will

people will be able to access fresh and healthy vegetables anytime they want since the vegetables will be in their balconies,roof tops and also in their small gardens.



I need help with:

 I am a first time entrepreneur and I need a mentor to guide me through.



Why anyone would help me?

 If you supported me, I will ensure that everyone has ready access to fresh vegetables wherever they may be.