Problem Statement

Something that is wrong right now. For example, it is hard to inspect roof tiles for hail damage.



Target Customer - Who faces the problem?

Company, Person, Society, who specifically is facing the problem right now. Example: Every home owner in areas with hailstorms.



Competition - What do they do right now

What people are doing that are facing this problem? This is your competition. Example: People ask home repair companies to do the inspection.



Value - With my idea, I will

What value your product/service will provide. Example: People will be able to get their roof tiles inspected faster and without stress of inviting home repair company salesman.



I need help with:

What kind of help are you looking for. Example: I am a first time entrepreneur and I need a mentor to guide me through.



Why anyone would help me?

Example: If you supported me, it would millions of home owners in getting their roofs fixed.