If starting up your own business is an exciting idea for you, this internship is the perfect match. 

  • Learn how to take an innovative idea and convert it into a business. 
  • Learn how to become a leader and expert in community development. 
  • Become a founder of a campaign that can bring you recognition, influence and rewards. 
  • Help people in starting up their innovative businesses.

Started in 2012, Bir Ventures offers world’s largest virtual incubation platform, www.ideagist.com, to 340 communities worldwide, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. IdeaGist is a collaboration and networking platform for entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and experienced advisors/mentors. We offer a step by step process to work on innovative ideas. 

As an intern, you will take the full ownership of developing an IdeaGist metro level community in one of the 340 top cities worldwide. In your role as a Community Leader, you will be required to connect with organizations in your assigned city, collect data, and manage an online community. You will invite business leaders in the city to support young entrepreneurs by becoming a mentor on the site. You will also invite students to join the community to get real life experience by working in a startup or by joining an idea team. 

Please register at IdeaGist Global first and complete the four tasks identified in the getting started video before applying. 

This Internship requires 10 hours per week minimum commitment, for six months. Interns must attend one weekly meeting with the coach.

There is no cash payment. Interns will receive 100 Gist Points for every week of learning, and after completing the full program, Interns will receive certificate and experience letter. 



– Utilizes social media to engage with a community of fans/followers online 
– Collaborates with youth development, economic development and entrepreneurship development organizations in the city 
– Invites business leaders and successful entrepreneurs from the city to become mentors and advisors on the city community site 
– Invites local businesses to list their companies and services on your city site 
– Scouts innovative ideas from other sites and feature them on your city site 
– Encourages people to complete their profiles 
– Coordinates online marketing and advertising campaigns 
– Submits a weekly and monthly progress report 
– Provides a monthly timesheet and get them approved by the supervisor. Without approved timesheets, experience certificates will not be issued



– Out of the box thinker with an interest in making the world a better place through positive change 
– Understands the philosophy and mission of www.ideagist.com. Please join the global site and learn more about it. 
– Provide links to 1-3 social networking profiles to demonstrate interest and knowledge 
– Possesses skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management 
– Performs well in environment that values creativity, flexibility, and variety 
– Ability to work independently with curiosity and innovation 
– Prefers challenges, fast pace, new ideas, future focus, and unstructured environment 
– Make a commitment of minimum 10 hours a week and must attend the weekly meeting with the coach.